Conscious Level


Conscious Level is the dynamic Hip-Hop group with
West Coast Energy, Southern Flavor, and East Coast Intellect.
Their focus is on conscious issues such as black
on black crime, the war on drugs, political affairs, global
propaganda and they challenge you to expand your mind
and push the envelope on social issues... every
chance they get.
Conscious Level consists of Haduj, Salazar, Xtreme &
The Architect.
Timothy Leon Ross performs as Haduj (Judah Backwards).
Haduj was born in Atlanta, Georgia and served his country
by joining the United States Army, and has acted on various
projects and is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA.Haduj has
had many opportunities in the entertainment industry and
is most proud of his record deal with EMI Records, while
part of the rap group “After Mecca.”
Theida Salazar (performs as Salazar) also an Atlanta Native,
ran for House of Representatives in Georgia for the 44th District,
served in the United States Navy as an Intelligence Specialist
and received his Law Degree from Abraham Lincoln School of Law.
Salazar is the Lion in the acclaimed stage-play The Hip-Hop
Wizard of Oz, has appeared in numerous award winning films
and television productions, performed in 9 different countries,
is AFL-CIO Delegate for SAG-AFTRA and on the National
Legislative Committee for SAG-AFTRA.
Rick Moore (performs as Extreme) and was born in Los Angeles
and raised on the gritty streets of Long Beach. Extreme’s
motto is From the Streets to the Heavens, based upon his
life experience on the streets, which resulted in his stint with the
California Department of Corrections. While incarcerated,
Extreme made the valiant decision to turn his life around
and strive for higher plateaus and has involved himself
in many noble causes in his community.
The Architect of the group Voting Grammy Member producer,
CR8 Music Academy Alumni and Musical Genius is Wendell Wellman. A Los Angeles Native career extend more then two decades as asongwriter, producer and video director has worked with such companies as A&M, BMG, UNIVERSAL, WARNER BROTHERS, CAPITAL/EMI, SONY, DISNEY, and MTV.  
Collectively, Conscious Level integrates three very different
perspectives of life to reflect its internal bond of brotherhood
(Spiritual Teacher, Lawyer, and Convict) that effectively
come together as one voice- tackling social issues, encouraging
change and challenging the masses to teach one another,
uplift, elevate, and evolve.         


Conscious Level EP "Stand Up"

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