Jasmine Lee


San Fransico born singer/songwriter Jasmine Lee
attributes her early eclectic appreciation of music in
part to her  family's longstanding tradition of artistic
involvement, beginning with her maternal grandmother's
brief flirtation with the Broadway stage. From a lineage
of painters, actors, writers and musicians, notwithstanding
her counter-culture upbringing with her actress mother,
with whom she shared many a stage, the tone was set
for her very unique evolvement as an artist in her
own right.
Beginning at age four Jasmine joined her mother with
small roles in two plays on a national tour with the New
Shakespeare Company of San Francisco. Recognizing early
on that her chief interest was in music, she joined the
Peace Child Honor Choir, performing at age 10 on the
Network Television special, “The Barbara Mandrell Show.”  
Following her acceptance at Crossroads School in
Santa Monica, California, she joined their madrigal
singing group, placing as a winner on tour at the Reno
Jazz Competition with her own rendition of Billie Holiday’s
“God Bless the Child”. Throughout her high school years,
Jasmine’s deep interest in singing motivated her to express
her talent by forming a accapella singing groups which
performed locally.
As a graduate of Wesleyan University in Connecticut,
where music was her major, Jasmine has been trained
in all genres of music.  In addition to performing in
numerous campus productions, Jasmine studied
everything from Javanese Gamelan to experimental
music. She also interned at Sony Music studios, and
began to write and record her own music.  Upon
graduating from Wesleyan, she attended the Los Angeles
Recording Workshop where she enhanced her knowledge
of studio engineering.  While living in New York City,
Jasmine Lee performed in several venues in and around
the city, and trained with vocal instructor Don Lawrence.  
She recently moved back to her home town of Los Angeles,
where she is currently working on her new album for
independent release this summer.  Her ear for blended
harmony and her love of music, ranging from jazz
standards to electronica, makes Jasmine Lee’s sound
truly “Enlighten and Eclectically Unique”.
This beautiful young lady writes all of her lyrics and
melodies, and boasts an impressive list of musical
influences like Bjork, Minnie Riperton and Ella Fitzgerald.  
“I love the pure sounds of these singers,” she comments.
“Not only were (are) they technical masters,
they were (are) able to fully convey the essence of
who they were (are).
When asked what special message she would give to
others on the same musical path, Jasmine responded
“You have to believe in yourself and really want to succeed.  
If anything in your life is holding you back from
fulfilling your dreams, let it go and move forward".
And perhaps even more importantly, embrace the
opportunities that come to you.


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Jasmine Lee EP "Its Time" Vol. #1 



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