Amidst shades of crimson poured from red light bulbs,
serviced and imbibed by even redder wine whilst a sound
machine conditions the air of a dark wood Victorian den.
Stereo speakers sound the vibrations of words like,
“I don’t mind if all that’s wonderful is buried under what
we assume; keep telling me, to lose myself, to be set free…”
PIEL’s lead singer, Tiki Lewis, cultivates the band’s essence
while delivering these lyrics in a sultry yet urgent voice in
the song “Speakers”. From their electro rock dance hit
“Studio 54 (Contagious)” to the moodier Blonde
Redhead/Duran Duran tinged “Babble On”, PIEL has
been luring even the most skeptical wallflowers onto
the dance floor at local Los Angeles venues from Crash Mansion
and The Hive art gallery to The Key Club.
Lewis, a South Side Chicago native, steeped in spirit
transmissions and tutelage from a stunning array of
80's pop gods, grew up performing in various clubs in
her hometown. Her delicate whispers into contagious hooks
and full-blown cathartic, unabashed roars mesmerizes
audiences and ignites souls.
PIEL as a vehicle, if not a temple for Lewis's mantra's,
is backed by five Los Angeles natives all having played
in their respected L.A. bands, touring both the west coast
and nationally. Cultivated from L.A.'s diverse musical
Jawnee Burkes (bass) co-founder of Woven/That Noise,
Chris Lopez (guitar) - Fire At Play, cousins
Tamiye Yahata (taiko/backup vocals) - Ninja Academy and
Ken Ramirez (drums) - Paper Pills/That Noise along with
Steve Abagon (guitar) co-founder of Woven,
who has recorded and performed with artists such as
Perry Farrell, Rickie Lee Jones, and Chris Dowd (of o.g. Fishbone fame),
have all brought their unique styles to the fold; broadening
PIEL's ever changing sound.
Today this strong, six piece collective carries the torch
of break through material in soul soaring, electro laced,
tribal dance romps spiked with punked out liberation
frequencies since PIEL's original inception in 2004
with Lewis and Peter Atanasoff of Tito and
the Tarantula and Rickie Lee Jones fame.
Following up their debut 2008 release of “Birthmarks and Bruises”,
PIEL is currently finishing up the final touches of their
new EP mixed by Ulrich Wild (Deftones, Jane’s Addiction,
Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots).


Piel's EP "44"

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