Real Smoke


Real Smoke emerges from the gang infested
streets of L.A. Just as smoke rises to the
top, Real Smoke frees itself from the shackles
with unconventional beats that bring heat
to tha streets, thru your feets body, mind
& soul.
Black Geenie: Vocals, Song writer and producer.
Black G (short for Black Geenie) has
been rockin the mic relentlessly for years. He has                                                
made a name for himself by blowin up the L.A. club
scene with his nebulous flows. Black G is not only
one of the co-founders of "Real Smoke", but also                                                   
the main ingredient to the "Real Smoke" gumbo                                                    
sound. He has a Masters in writing lyrics and a
Bachelors in beat making. He is a true student
and artist to the Hip-Hop game, with passion
oozing out of his pores. Armed with an extensive
catalog of songs. Black Geenie will be rockin
crowds from now til infinity.
SEISMIC: Keyboards and Production. Seismic was
one of the left coasts best kept secrets. Seismic
was one of the most innovative sonic producers
to emerge out of the lab in awhile. Hailing from
the city of Long Beach, he was a Real
mufti-instrumentalist and classically trained musician.
(something the Hip-Hop game has very little of today)
He was blessed with the innate ability to take elements
of a gritty urban environment and parlay them into
some of the dopest sonic works ever heard. Besides
being a co-founder of the Hip-Hop collective of
"Real Smoke" he also owned and started I R & E
( Iridescent Recordings & Entertainment) /Thermonuclear
studios. Combination music production and recording
studio. Seismic made his transition in September of
2009, where he continues to bang out the most
innovative, cutting edge Hip-Hop beats in "Heaven".
His presents is Greatly Missed. However he is still felt
thru his musical contributions of the "Real Smoke"
songs, photos and memories.
Steve "E" Ross: Bass Guitar, Keyboards and
Production. Steve "E" is A TRUE STAR, armed
with the gift of groove, Steve "E" Ross is on a
mission sublime--To Enlighten, Entertain, and
Empower you thru "MUSIC". Steve "E", embodies
true musicianship. Originally from Chi town, his
musical background includes training at Santa Monica
College, the prestigious UCLA music and business
program and the Musicians Institute. Well respected
throughout the music scenes, Steve "E" has a
impeccable ear and his musical talents are very
expressive, exciting and enlightening. He is
more than groove he is " Purpose ".


Real Smoke EP "Can U Hear Me"



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