Divine Forces EP "DREAM" #3



"I Have A Dream, Do U Have A Dream?" Divine Forces inspires you to "DREAM". This A-Team of Artist pay homage to the late great "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr." all the while promoting Equality, Social Justice, and Peace. This Maxi Single / EP is the 3rd part of the Classic Collection of Hit songs and genres, that motivates U to Dream and DREAM BIG!!! ( Please Enjoy, Share, Download or Stream )


Divine Forces is a collective of Recording Artists coming together to incite conscious awareness and unity of "ALL".  By utilizing our Divine gifts we aspire to enlighten, entertain and empower you. Our purpose is to inspire, and uplift you thru the force of music, words, and art, all in the spirit of love.


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Dread Daze Single "The Rock"



Just when you thought reggae was all they could do. The band Dread Daze flips the script and slips you a new remix and single "The Rock". This is Dread Daze's latest release and dub step songs. Conscious Reggae is still their core, however this Remix Single is designed to vibrate your "Ears, Feet, Hands, Neck, and Ass". (all at once) Dread Daze comes thru once again with a music message, all the while leaving you "Dancing". N-Joy =)



Pulling Reggae apart and putting it back together again with a dose of Hip-hop, a dash of Rock, Ska and a whole lot of Soul, Dread Daze tunes up the positive vibrations and turns traditional reggae on it’s ear. The powerful sound they bring forth is uniquely their own, and their music speaks their truth in no uncertain terms.

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