The Rebirth EP "This Journey In"



The Rebirth "This Journey In" EP is a musical GEM'!!! & a must have. Right away the first song gets you and sets the tone for this EP. Conscious Soul, Funk, and Electro Funk grooves, are laced with lyrics to enlighten you, and are the perfect blend. The fabulous musicianship and  production takes you to a space, where your soul is on a Journey to a place that you have NO other Choice but to Comply. Within !!!





The Rebirth, is a Los Angeles based septet built on an organic blend of new and traditional Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Funk. In this day of solo artistry, what distinguishes The Rebirth from most is their returned emphasis on the soul band, where each member is recognized for their participation, and each influences the direction of the overall sound.

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Jack Fulks EP "Follow Your Dreams" Vol.#1



Jack Fulks, "Follow Your Dreams" vol.#1 EP. Words are not enough to describe this musical masterpiece. This Ep is truly a "Awesome" collection of classic new age style jazz. Jack Fulks smooth style and melodic melodies are supported by the fabulous * Quintet. Together & Collectively (note by note) they paint a masterpiece that is reminiscent of the great jazz era. Each song leaves you wanting to hear more. "Follow Your Dreams" is a musical affirmation that is meant to inspire and empower you to "Follow Your Dreams" no matter what they are...=)

* Quintet: Rene' Pineda - Alto Sax, David Edelstein - Piano, Jack Bruce - Bass, and Dave Cowen - Drums


Jack Fulks, a native-born Californian, started playing music at a very young age in church, where he was deeply rooted in Gospel music. His education includes an Associate in Arts Degree from Pasadena City College and a Bachelor in Music Degree from the prestigious University of Southern California. 

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